John’s song, “The Red Sox Lament” selected as part of iTunes Baseball Mix

“The Red Sox Lament,” John’s “tribute to the once star-crossed baseball team who, after their 86-year drought, staged an historic comeback against their arch-rival New York Yankees and went on to win the World Series in a four-game sweep. John (now it can be told) is a Yankee fan, who wrote “the Lament” from the perspective of a multi-generational Red Sox fan, completed his recording in August ’04, less than two months before the Red Sox “reversed the curse.” He did, however, update the song to include the Sox’s 2004 turnaround, and, whenever he performs the song “live,” includes the version with the happy (for Red Sox Nation) ending. “The Red Sox Lament” remains (by far) John’s most popular download, and has been included on the iTunes “Baseball Mix.” To hear John Sprung’s updated version, please go to “Hear John on the Radio,” from his 2005 appearance on Ron Olesko’s “Traditions.”